Generator aiming to raise $2 million from private investors as Auckland firm looks to expand into Australia and Asia

Office space provider Generator is aiming to raise $2 million from private investors this month as the Auckland company looks to expand into Australia and Asia.

Generator provides companies with business spaces tailored to their needs in one of its two central Auckland office buildings.

Both buildings have shared common areas, with lounges, bars and open plan spaces for any of the businesses in the building, as well as a reception area.

Chief executive Ryan Wilson said the aim was to provide companies with everything they might need, including IT maintenance and mail collection, to allow them to focus on growth.


"It combines the best elements of a serviced office - so all of the infrastructure, amenities, tech support - with a members club, so areas where people can meet and network and a lot of shared space as well," he said.

The idea was formed after Wilson returned from a trip to London, where he said a lot of companies were working in shared spaces, something he felt would be a growing trend in the future with the increasing use of technology allowing people to work outside of offices.

"1.3 billion people work mobilely globally, and that number is expected to double by 2018. This is definitely a growing trend," Wilson said.

"Technology is a big player in things, but it has also removed a lot of that human contact so we're aiming to try and create a space where we provide that technology, provide that flexible working capability but also create opportunities to connect and network," he said.

The company's two offices house businesses ranging from the local operations of global giants such as Symantic through to smaller companies such as Uber, Pandora, Getty Images and Expedia, as well as "one-man bands" and casual memberships.

"I think the whole occupancy model is designed to expand and contract with business needs so the business can manage its cashflow accordingly," Wilson said.

"If you think of SME's it's a pretty volatile space, you know you're either growing rapidly or you're shrinking or readjusting so really it's just a conversation and we can adjust spaces to suit where they're at."

Wilson's goal was to build the company up to a $100 million business, and was looking to raise $2 million in capital to help fund expansion and growth into Australia, where the company is looking at sites in Melbourne and Sydney.


"We're nearly four years old, we're an established, flourishing business and we've worked out all of the kinks and different revenue streams required to make it work so we're looking to replicate that."

At your service

What is Generator?

Generator provides businesses of varying sizes with individual and shared office space in its two central Auckland office buildings.

How is Generator different?
Generator provides services including reception and mail collection, internet and office upkeep. Companies can also vary the amount of time they want to use the space, ranging from a few days upwards.

What is the company's future plan?
Generator is looking to raise at least $2 million in capital to expand into Australia and then Asia.