Workers at numerous ANZ branches around the country will resume strike action against the bank today at various times, including in nine branches around Auckland.

This latest action follows a series industrial action, including a national day of action in which hundreds of workers around the country walked off the job.

The dispute was over attempts by ANZ to make workers rosters more flexible, FIRST Union Retail and Finance secretary Maxine Gay said.

"Bargaining with a bank is a bit like getting a credit card, you've got to read the fine print," she said.


"ANZ have been busy telling the public they only want a few people in some branches on unpredictable and changing hours. However that's not what they're demanding over the bargaining table.

If that's what they say they want then let's see an offer that reflects that."

Predictable hours meant a secure family life, Ms Gay said.

The strike would lead workers into Labour weekend, and more industrial action was being planned for the next week. The union had also filed cases against the bank for discriminating against workers that had taken strike action.

A statement released earlier by the bank said the proposal of flexible rosters would not casualise jobs or reduce job security.

The average salary of employees on the collective agreement was $59,000, the statement said.

"ANZ has offered staff pay increases of 3 per cent and 2.75 per cent over the next two years.

"In addition, ANZ pays for medical/health insurance for all staff and provides all staff with discounted lending rates."


ANZ said its leave entitlements and other terms of employment were among the best in the industry.

"The proposal for flexible rosters does not casualise jobs or reduce the job security of staff," an ANZ spokesman said.

"Our customers want us to have some branches open later on some evenings or on Saturdays and Sundays, so we need staff to work at those times."