Maori Television has confirmed the resignation of Head of News and Production Julian Wilcox, after a decade with the TV company.

His departure follows Carol Hirschfeld's announcement last month that she will join Radio New Zealand to take up a role as its head of content, responsible for news, drama, music, spoken features and Radio New Zealand International.

It is understood Wilcox - who once considered standing for the Labour Party - has found a new job that is not directly involved in broadcasting.

Wilcox is a former high profile presenter at Maori TV who was promoted to Head of News under previous CEO Jim Mather.


That job was disestablished by recently appointed CEO Paora Maxwell.

Wilcox was seen as promoting an assertive style of reporting on the current affairs show Native Affairs.

That approach was strongly opposed by some within Maoridom as overly pakeha in style.

Wilcox and Hirschfeld were both tipped to be future leaders at Maori TV, but were shut out by the board and by new CEO Maxwell.

Earlier this month, the Herald reported sources saying Wilcox was pushing for changes to a proposed restructure at Maori Television that saw both his role and Hirschfeld's among others disestablished.

The source close to Wilcox, who asked not to be named, said he wanted to remain in his current role.

Maori TV chief executive Maxwell acknowledged Wilcox's significant contribution to Maori Television since joining the organisation in 2004.

"Julian has been at Maori TV since the beginning of our first broadcast and to many he is the face of Maori TV. Julian's experience across journalism and production, his passion for te reo Maori me nga tikanga and his superlative presenting skills means that he will be sorely missed here at Maori Television," said Maxwell.


"We wish him every success with the professional challenges he chooses to undertake in the future."

Wilcox's final day with Maori TV will be at the beginning of December.

Maori TV faces more changes with the Maori Party planning to take control of the organisation away from the Crown and place it with a new iwi based organisation.