On the fence about the latest and greatest smartphone from Apple? You're not alone: lots of people... OK, millions of people... have jumped in with both feet first and bought the new iPhone 6 devices, but let's think this one through.

First, the reasons why you don't want an iPhone 6:

1. It's new technology for Apple
In fact, most everything's new on the iPhone 6: the hardware, the software, the size, all of it. Apple is the number one tech company because it executes really well, but it's not beyond the occasional huge fail.

Who can forget the reception problems with the metal strip around the iPhone 4 case, the Apple Maps fiasco, and Siri having problems understanding non-US English speakers? Apple will have learnt from past failures but still... you'll be a guinea pig for new tech.


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2. The phone is bendy
Yesterday reports emerged that the iPhone 6 Plus wasn't strong enough to survive a few hours in a front pocket, with several users complaining that it was bending.

One person, Lou from Unbox Therapy, put the complaints to the test with his bare hands. The video results are below.

Well, the jury's out on this one as it looks like you'll need to apply a goodly amount of force to warp the iPhone 6 case. Apple said "no comment" when the Herald asked about this but either way, if you're rough on your devices, maybe look for something else than an iPhone 6. Or stop being so rough on your devices.

3. You're spending HOW MUCH on a smartphone?
The 4.7-inch model starts at a grand; the 6 Plus, $1,149, going to $1,449 for the top of the range 128GB model. That's a good chunk'o'change matey, especially with the data and voice plan from a telco on top. Let me tell you about this great stock, AAPL, that makes almost impeccable products and has a fanatical following that buys them. Kyle Conroy hasn't updated his "What if..." site for the last two years but AAPL's gone from below US$70 in Sept 24 2013 to US$102.64 as of writing this so think about that for a while. Just don't tell any prospective Apple customers.

4. It's an iPhone, just like everyone else's
Everyone else has one. You're different, so it's Android, Windows Phone or even a Blackberry. Rebel against uniformity. Yo. And you haven't bought huge amounts of iOS only apps.

5. The iphone 6 is just too big.
Apple said that the original form factor was ideal because you could use it with one hand. One thumb even. Now they're ditching that idea because big turned out to be better but there's nothing wrong with a smaller iPhone 5s, really.

6. Avoid being a target
This is the year you go off-grid and refuse to be tracked through your smartphone. Apple's made great strides with security in both iPhone 6 and iOS 8, but spy agencies and hackers are hard at work breaking into them so... safer not to be a target. You should look for work as a journalist willing to protect his/her sources.

Next, why you'd absolutely want an iPhone 6

1. It's big, bold and new

For years your Android device sporting friends have teased you mercilessly about the size of your phone, and now's payback time with the iPhone 6 Plus at least and it's 1080p screen (which is surpassed by the Samsung Note 4 and Edge with their 2560 by 1440 pixel resolution displays but let's not dwell on that).

2. It's an investment
You have AAPL shares and want to make sure they perform - see above. Go and queue up outside the store now, and tell your friends to do the same.

3. New toys to play with
The new camera in the iPhone 6, the A8 processor, the near-field communications (NFC) stuff: you want all this along with the rest of the new features. Plus, you've sold your old iPhone already, ahead of the launch of iPhone 6, at a good rate.

4. Be part of the future
You are the new economy, developing an app that'll be bigger than both Flappy and Angry Birds. It will take advantage of the new sensors, Apple's Healthkit and Homekit and make you richer than the whole of New Zealand put together. Why would you not want to buy an iPhone 6 in that case?

5. Pain of migration
You want to replace your phone but feed the new economy and have bought way too many apps and music from iTunes to want to even think about migrating to something else. Besides, life's too short to fiddle around with transferring stuff.

6. Big is good
Despite all the glitches we've yet to discover (the New Zealand Herald will have a review of the new iPhones soon), these are Apple products we're talking about. They're likely to be better, more refined and just that much nicer to use than the previous generation of iPhones, integrating with Macs, cloud services and more. The new iPhones will make the old stuff look tired and besides, they're big. Big is good now, right?