Members of a Les Mills gym have been told they can only wear certain brands of clothing if they plan to stand near the front of some fitness classes, because they were being filmed.

However, a Les Mills spokesman said it was optional for members of its central Auckland gym to attend the classes that were being held especially to film.

Club member Emily Winstanley posted a photo of the notice to Twitter last night. Under the heading Filming Gear, the sign advised of an "exciting new partnership" with athletic apparel brand Reebok.

"While you are free to wear anything you like, please be aware the participants in the first few rows may only wear Reebok, or Les Mills Clothing," the notice said. "Non-branded clothing is also acceptable."


It also advised its members where to purchase their own Reebok-branded clothing.

Mrs Winstanley posted the image to Twitter with the caption, "Les Mills now not only films some gym classes, it also dictates what I can wear while they do so."

Les Mills spokesman Guy Needham said the sign related to filming of group fitness classes outside regular schedules, and members did not have to attend them.

"These are not regular classes but are part of our international filming when we ... film the latest moves and music as a training tool for around the world. Members do not have to participate."

Cartoon / Rod Emmerson