Andy Jack: Late, cheap and weary - business travellers' big mistakes

9 May, 2014 9:30am
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There are three common misconceptions when it comes to booking travel - that you will get great deals if you wait until the last minute, that it's cheaper to book online rather than through a travel management company and that flying on a red-eye is a great way to save money.

There is no guarantee you will make savings or grab an amazing deal by waiting until the last minute. While this might occasionally happen because of a last minute group cancellation, you are more likely to pay a higher fare and have to fly outside peak hours. Planning in advance is much more effective and is likely to give you a better deal at your preferred flight time.

The debate over booking direct online rather than through a travel company or a travel consultant is ongoing. But a travel company can use its supplier relationships to bring deals to clients.

Whether you are looking for airfares or a fare and accommodation package, it's always beneficial to have an expert who can tailor something for you or your business travellers - not to mention saving the time and hassle that would be spent researching options online.


If you're travelling to a destination not fully equipped for tourism, navigating foreign websites for information on aspects such as trains and accommodation can be tricky when there is limited information in English.

A red-eye flight or the economy long haul is a fine way to save money and is tempting, particularly for the budget conscious. But it's not always going to meet the objectives of travelling.

If you're travelling for a meeting, you want to arrive ready to perform well. This could mean flying a day earlier and staying in a hotel, or travelling at a friendlier time.

Business travel can be tricky at the best of times. Doing your research, your duty of care to your business travellers and using the expertise of a professional are all great ways to ensure you're getting the most out of your travel dollar.


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