Loomio is closing in on a $100k crowdfunding target to relea' />

Wellington-based startup Loomio is closing in on a $100k crowdfunding target to release its free open-source decision-making tool to the masses.

"We are thrilled with the massive response from supporters all over the world," Loomio co-founder Alanna Krause said.

With just three days to go in the funding campaign, Loomio has so far raised more than US$85,000 from over 1000 donators.

The Loomio Co-operative, based at Wellington social enterprise hub Enspiral, is crowdfunding to develop Loomio 1.0, a scalable mobile version of their tool - which builds on a prototype that is already being used by thousands of people.


In New Zealand, Loomio has been used by groups such as Generation Zero, a youth-led network of climate change activists, mental health service providers Pathways, and the Wellington City Council.

"Loomio is a great tool for anyone who needs to make decisions with a group. From hundreds of student protesters organising themselves in Hungary to Wellington City Council using Loomio to collaborate with the public on an Alcohol Management Strategy for the city," Krause said.

You can check out Loomio's crowdfunding campaign here.

The Loomio crowdfunding campaign finishes on Wednesday.