New Zealand telco Orcon says its sales jumped 70 per cent in the month after it launched an ad campaign fronted by internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom.

Orcon, which accounts for about 5 per cent of the broadband market, uses Dotcom as part of a campaign to "rid New Zealand of data caps".

The campaign, which includes television and social media advertising, began at the start of October and an Orcon spokesman said sales were up 70 per cent during that month compared to the 30 days prior.

Although the German-born Coatesville resident is something of a controversial figure because of the US authorities accusing him of criminal copyright infringement, Orcon said the partnership had "worked really strongly".


"We've had [and expected] a few comments from people who simply don't like him," an Orcon spokesman said. Despite this, the reaction on social media had been "overwhelmingly supportive".

"Our Facebook likes have increased from 20k to more than 33k over the six weeks of the campaign," the spokesman said.

Late last month Slingshot announced it had entered into a partnership with Mega - the online storage service which Dotcom launched earlier this year.