Vacuum cleaner retailer Godfreys has withdrawn a television advertisement after multiple complaints of racism.

The television advertisement promoting a 50 per cent off weekend sale featured a white man wearing a wig.

The ad stated, in part: "aww hey Bro, this one's bigger than Kim Dotcom's chilly bin aye ... Godfreys heaps big sale ... Aww bro this one's bigger than Gerry Brownlee's undies aye ... Aww it's heaps big, choice."

Duplicate complainants to the Advertising Standards Authority said the advertisement was "blatantly racist", perpetuated negative stereotypes about Maori and Pacific Islanders, and was distasteful and discriminating.


Complainant N Tomlin said they were appalled by the advertisement because it featured "an older Caucasian man putting on a pretty racist Pacific Island or Maori accent and using terms like 'Awww bro'."

Godfreys responded that they took the complaints very seriously.

"Although our intention was not to offend, this ad has clearly offended a number of viewers. In light of this, we have made the decision to remove the advertisement from air effective immediately."

The matter was settled and did not go before the Complaints Board.