Janine Hall, Escape Haven, a luxury wellness resort in Byron Bay and Seminyak, Bali for women that gives them the opportunity to take time out from the roles and responsibilities of their busy lives and be pampered in paradise

Escape Haven has a range of packages that women can choose from including programmes covering fitness, detox, surfing, yoga, meditation, cooking workshops and lots of pampering. The resorts also hosts company retreats where women and men are welcome.

What kinds of companies have had corporate retreats with you at Escape Haven?

All sorts, from professional services firms to marketing agencies and small businesses. We tweak programmes based on the unique requirements of each group we host to ensure we're catering to their needs.

Have you ever had companies who have overseas offices, bring everyone together in Bali or Byron Bay?


Yes, it's a great way of bringing global teams together in one location. Our idyllic locations are ideal for teams that want to reconnect and are seeking motivation. After all, changing your environment to a beautiful one is a great way to drive creativity and inspiration.

What kinds of things do these groups do during their stay? What services do you provide?

The activities selected really depend on the needs and the dynamic of each individual group. Some teams may be after a more meditative, restorative break in which case we'd place a heavier focus on activities such as meditation, yoga and pampering. Others may be looking for something more active so we'd look to include surfing or more physical yoga sessions. Whatever the group is after, we consult our team of industry experts to tailor the retreat experience ensuring teams leave us feeling rebalanced, recharged and energised.

What are companies wanting from these retreats?

They want to recharge and are often seeking an inspiring and bonding experience. They also want time out to relax, clear some mental space and "still the monkey mind". Our retreats benefit teams by not only rewarding them and strengthening their relationships but also by increasing performance and giving long lasting tools they can take home with them to sustain the wellbeing benefits long after the retreat is over.

With your corporate background, why do you think SMEs should take some time out with staff to relax and brainstorm?

It bonds the team, it revitalises them giving them a much better platform to create innovation from. It's amazing what a change in environment can do compared with being in a windowless conference room. The effects are long lasting and powerful. It's also a great staff retention tool.

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