The Kingsland Business Community commissioned a film to help promote the inner Auckland area as a place to work and run a business.

Christine Foley, manager Kingsland Business Society

Why did you think a business investment attraction film would be good for

Strategically we want our website to be content rich to support attracting capital investment and business investment to this area, particularly businesses in the creative sector such as design led manufacturing

Was it difficult to find Kingsland businesses to participate in the film?


No, we are fortunate to have some wonderful champions who have supported Kingsland Business Society since our BID (Business Improvement District) programme was voted in and established in 2010.

How much did it cost each business?

The film was fully funded by Kingsland Business Society (within our annual BID budget)

How have you distributed the film?

The key distribution is by our website and it was also released via our YouTube, Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Do you find Kingsland companies talk amongst each other? Is there truly a
community spirit?

Indeed there is! Kingsland Business Society has a quarterly business presentation, members forum and networking meeting.

Why did you concentrate on manufacturing businesses for the film?


Because of the long term and employment-rich nature of design-led manufacturing businesses; plus the fact that Kingsland is attractive for the highly-skilled and sought-after employees that the creative sector needs.

What feedback have you had so far from the video?

Very positive response to date - increased awareness of what is available in this area; really encouraging for existing businesses and of interest to potential capital investors

Any tips for other business communities?

If they don't already have a BID programme, get themselves together to form one! Our programme was formed (prior to RWC2011) to provide a collective voice for businesses and landlords; collective marketing to bring people in and collective action to make the right things happen for Kingsland.

If you are a NZ business selling a product, chances are you have been exporting from the beginning. Tell us your stories of how you are reaching your international markets - is it through distributors or on the ground partners or online and direct? Tell us how you make it work for your business.