A large reflector device in the shape of a sail was this week installed on top of the new ASB Building on Jellicoe Street in Auckland.

Designed using cutting-edge yacht design technology, the reflector's purpose is to act as part of the building's ventilation and lighting system.

The reflector was barged over from Yachting Development's base in Hobsonvillle and was lifted into position using a 100-tonne crane.

Construction took several months and involved 25 staff.


Using these boat-building techniques in a large public building is an innovative first for New Zealand, said Waterfront Auckland chief executive John Dalzell.

"The marine industry is a vital contributor to the economic growth of this part of the city and as shown by another neighbouring tenant, Emirates Team New Zealand, world leading design excellence and innovation are essential to a thriving industry."

Dalzell added that "the fusion of marine and innovation in the reflector represents the journey from this area from past to present to the future".

Reflector facts:
* 12m wide x 12m long x 6m high, weighing 5000kg.
* 800 square metres of carbon fibre was used in construction.

- nzherald.co.nz