A road-rage victim has welcomed the offer of free work by a barrister who says he will appeal the non-custodial sentence of the man who ran him over.

Sung Jin Kim still has trouble walking and faces further operations on his legs after being run over by Forsyth Barr analyst Guy Hallwright in September 2010.

He was shocked when he heard Hallwright didn't go to jail, with Judge Raoul Neave last week sentencing Hallwright to 250 hours' community and banning him from driving for 18 months.

Hallwright was also ordered to pay Mr Kim $20,000 reparation.


After learning of the sentence, APNZ received dozens of emails criticising the sentence, and Auckland Council of Civil Liberties president and barrister Barry Wilson and fellow barrister Michael Kidd said there could be grounds for a judicial review.

Dr Kidd, who said he was "disgusted'' by the sentence, said he would appeal it free of charge.

Mr Kim said the Auckland lawyer had been in contact with him and was looking into the case.

Mr Kim said he was "very happy'' for the help.

Hallwright had been taking his daughter to an appointment when he and Mr Kim got into an argument in their cars. Mr Kim got out of his vehicle and banged on Hallwright's bonnet before he was hit on Mt Eden Rd.

Judge Neave criticised the media for referring to the offence as a hit-and-run, saying Hallwright was driving "away'' from the situation, which had been escalated in seriousness by Mr Kim banging on the bonnet.

"What I know of your character ... I consider it highly unlikely you would have driven at him,'' Judge Neave told Hallwright.

He said Hallwright was a contributor to society with a "spotless reputation'' and "impeccable character'' but he did not want it to be thought that he was overlooking the "very serious'' effects on Mr Kim.


''[It caused] very significant and severe injuries to Mr Kim ... though it goes without saying you never sought out to cause those injuries.''

Mr Kim has said the surgery on his legs - he would probably need six operations in total - would cost about $150,000.