A carpet cleaner caught on camera doing lewd acts at a woman's house has had his sentencing delayed so a psychological report can be prepared.

The man, whose interim name suppression was continued in Manukau District Court today, was captured by hidden cameras in a sting by TV3's Target programme.

He has previously pleaded guilty to charges of burglary and wilfully accessing a computer.

Judge Geoffrey Ellis granted a delay to the sentencing after the man's lawyer, Nicole Smith, requested more time for a psychological report to be prepared.


Ms Smith said she would apply for permanent name suppression because the man had two children in preschool, and a wife, all of whom had the same last name and would suffer if his name was published.

Judge Ellis said he would not have extended name suppression were it not for the report which the man was entitled to have presented to the court before the matter was determined.

"His family knows, his children know, his church knows. What is he trying to protect?"

The footage, which was broadcast on national television in May, shows the tradesman apparently rifling through drawers of a Target actress posing as a customer after he was called to her house to clean the carpets.

He appeared to look at photos and repeatedly touch and sniff the underwear he found in her laundry basket.

He was seen walking from room to room, taking soap from the bathroom and looking at more personal items in a spare room before turning on a computer in the living room and connecting to the internet.

He could then be seen kneeling in front of the computer.

The footage attracted over 150,000 views online after it was aired.

The man declined to comment when approached outside court. He will be sentenced later this month.