Got space that's going to waste. You could build on it, fill it or list it.

Local website launched in 2010, and allows people and businesses to list and hopefully find a tenant for spare, unwanted space.

The website is essentially an online advertising site for shared and short-term commercial space. It's ideal for tech-savvy consumers who do not want to commit to a long-term lease.

"It's a good way for someone to make an extra $200 a month renting out their free space, while helping someone out."


An increase in demand for fun spaces - to drink and socialise, rather than just work - meant Sharedspace launched a "Play" section earlier this year, it includes categories such as event space.

Event space currently includes art galleries, restaurants and marine clubs. Knight says Auckland's Redwoods Treehouse restaurant often uses the site when business is slow.

An advertising executive by day and entrepreneur by night, creator Matt Knight said it is a simple idea, which benefits both parties.

It was three years ago when Knight's inspiration struck. After watching the recession eat-up most of his colleagues' jobs, leaving behind only their empty desks, he decided there must be a good way to use the leftover space.

Today, when he looks around the office he sees desks filled with the 18 other companies who share this space.

The trend has crossed the world to New York, an American house-sharing website was based on a similar concept.

This may be the next step for Sharedspace, which already lists industrial space, car parks and pop-up shops.

Knight said the possibilities of what could be listed are endless-lawnmowers, cars and dogs. The listing stays active for half a year, and fees range from $59-$199 depending on the listing package.