Kim Dotcom says he is not Hollywood's "enemy" and he has solutions to help them cope in the internet age.

The internet mogul believes Hollywood film bosses lobbied the White House to have his filesharing website Megaupload taken down.

The Motion Picture Association of America has denied the accusation.

In a letter addressed to "Hollywood" published in the Hollywood Reporter, Dotcom said he is not their enemy.


"I am at the forefront of creating the cool stuff that will allow creative works to thrive in an Internet age. I have the solutions to your problems. I am not your enemy."

Dotcom said the internet "frightens" Hollywood.

"You get so comfortable with your ways of doing business that any change is perceived as a threat," he wrote.

"The problem is, we as a society don't have a choice: The law of human nature is to communicate more efficiently. And the economic benefits of high-speed Internet and unlimited cloud storage are so great that we need to plan for the day when the transfer of terabytes of data will be measured in seconds."

He said the "people of the Internet will unite" and will "prevail in the war for Internet freedom and innovation that you have launched".

"We have logic, human nature and the invisible hand on our side."

"Regardless of the issues you have with new technologies, you can't just engage armed forces halfway around the world, rip a peaceful man from his family, throw him in jail, terminate his business without a trial, take everything he owns without a hearing, deprive him of a fair chance to defend himself and do all that while your propaganda machine is destroying him in the media. Is that who you want to be?"

"There can still be a happy ending. I am working on solutions. Just call me or my lawyers. You know where to find me. Unfortunately I can only do lunch in New Zealand."


A High Court hearing next month will hear evidence of the January raid during which Dotcom and Megaload associates Finn Batato, Mathias Ortmann and Bram van der Kolk were arrested.

The FBI has accused Dotcom and his co-accused of the world's biggest case of criminal copyright violation.

Dotcom's comments come as Judge David Harvey surrendered his role in the case suggesting the United States was the "enemy" in comments during a copyright discussion at an internet conference.