Strategy targets Australian and Asian travellers in bid to bring in $6 billion.

A ten-year visitor plan aiming to nearly double the value of Auckland's visitor economy to $6 billion will be considered today by the council.

The plan, developed by Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (Ateed), aims to grow the value of the visitor economy from $3.3 billion in 2010 to $6 billion in 2021.

Ateed general manager of destination Rachael Dacy said the plan had ten strategic goals to grow demand for Auckland and enhance the visitor proposition.

"It's about marketing the destination while simultaneously capitalising on Auckland's natural assets and improving the visitor product offering," Dacy said.


"Auckland is an urban oasis where big city sophistication goes hand in hand with an outstanding natural playground," she said.

"That's our region's point of difference and that's what we plan to capitalise on."

International visitor receipts would grow from $2 billion in 2010 to $4 billion in 2021, while domestic receipts would rise from $1.4 billion to $2 billion.

Ateed said themes of the plan included harnessing the growth in travel in Asia and Australia, growing high value segments such as the short-stay leisure market and the conventions and incentives sector, and capitalising on the city's expanding cruise market.

Domestic marketing and promoting Auckland as a short-break leisure destination in Australia and Asia were among short term actions.

Auckland would be promoted domestically, Dacy said.

"It's something we felt Wellington have done particularly well," she said "We need to start telling New Zealanders about Auckland and ensuring that they're going to become our champions internationally."

The city was both a gateway and a destination, Dacy said.


"We haven't really realised our opportunity as a primary destination in our own right."

The plan would feed into other parts of the council such as the development of the city.

"That's absolutely the intention of the document we see quite a clear advocacy role ... where we almost shine a mirror back on to the council to say how's the council performing in terms of being a visitor destination."

There would be a focus on the convention sector, which was seen as a high-value market.

"What we will be doing is working very closely with central government and with SkyCity ... because if that [national convention centre] comes on line in 2015 we need to be out in the next 12 months going out bidding and securing convention activity."

To deliver on the visitor plan the funding for Ateed would need to be raised progressively to $34.9 million a year by 2019, which was $18 million higher than the current level.

The plan is being put forward today for consideration by Auckland Council's strategy and finance committee.

City visitor plan
* $6 billion in visitor economy value in 2021.

* Domestic marketing campaign for Auckland.

* Target high value sectors such as conventions.

* Promote as destination in Australia and Asia.

* Increase visitor nights and spending.