Are you becoming increasingly stymied trying to get your foot in the door? If so, have you reviewed your communication mode lately?

If you're simply emailing a prospect or trying - repeatedly to get them on the phone or get past their gatekeeper, you probably need another strategy, don't you?

Here are four ideas:
1. Start early. It you have met them at a networking or public event, immediately send a 'nice to meet you note. Notice I didn't say email? A hand written card.
2. Following on from the previous idea, here's a simple one that you know will get to the recipient if you haven't met them. Of course over time you will have received some great testimonials. Why not create a single (or several different) testimonial postcards that you can use to send to prospective clients as a door opener? You know having others speak well of you works much better than trying to toot your own horn. Plus if you can put problem/solutions specific or industry related testimonials together - all the better.

To test and save money, get cards batch photocopied on postcard grade paper. By creating a folding card, you can send it without an envelope. I'm sure you've read that handwritten and stamped post are more likely to be opened and read than others.


You'd be surprised, you're about three times more likely to get an appointment with your prospect after sending the testimonial card, then when you just call and use a referral source's name.

The card is simple to prepare, positions you as a professional and differentiates you from others.

3. Try LinkedIn. If your prospect is on it, ask for a connection and then starting a 'soft' conversation through that medium..

4. Likewise, try Twitter. If they use it and do the norm and follow you in response to your initiative, it's another way to get to know them better and try to start a conversation.

Written by international speaker and bestselling author Debbie Mayo-Smith. For more tips, over 500 how-to articles visit Debbie's article webpage.