New Zealand's largest local authority has failed to win the backing of almost half of small businesses, who say are unhappy with the Auckland Council's support almost a year after its inception.

The results are contained in the latest MYOB Business Monitor which surveyed 1000 small and medium business owners across 10 local government areas.

Just nine per cent of Auckland businesses said they were satisfied with Auckland Council's support, while 43 per cent said they were not.

Dissatisfaction ranked highest on average in the North Island, with the Waikato and Taranaki Councils sharing the title of 'least business friendly' by businesses.


MYOB's general manager Julian Smith said the results highlighted there was a major 'disconnect' between what councils were achieving and what businesses expected of them.

"Our local councils seem to be losing sight of the fact that to be successful cities, towns and regions, they must also be good places to do business, to sustain local economies, attract employment and encourage private sector investment in events, attractions and entertainment."

Smith said the government's decision to seize control of Auckland's party central showed New Zealand's largest local authority had issues meeting expectations, not just of the public, but with commercial interests engaged in the Rugby World Cup.

"With dissatisfaction growth with councils around the country, perhaps it is time to take a good look at the role of our local authorities, and see what can be done to get them working better for business," he said.

How they rank:

Satistfied /Dissatisfied
Wellington: 21 per cent - 27 per cent

Manawatu-Wanganui: 13 per cent - 20 per cent

Christchurch: 15 per cent - 38 per cent


Otago & Southland: 10 per cent - 38 per cent

Auckland: 9 per cent - 43 per cent

Bay of Plenty: 6 per cent - 40 per cent

Taranaki: 13 per cent - 48 per cent

Northland: 11 per cent - 47 per cent

Hawkes Bay: 6 per cent - 45 per cent

Waikato: 8 per cent - 48 per cent