Angry rugby fans are threatening to import All Black jerseys from offshore to avoid having to buy them at "rip off" prices from New Zealand retailers.

The Rugby World Cup edition All Blacks jersey costs $220 in New Zealand, but can be picked up for $104 on a US website and $122 on a British website, including shipping.

Adidas has blamed the cost difference on currency fluctuations and argued the jerseys are priced competitively.

But many readers responding to the Facebook and Twitter pages are accusing the company of overpricing the jerseys.


Beth Wrigley said the "appalling" price would drive many New Zealanders to ask friends in the US to buy them a jersey.

"You're ripping off the New Zealand public, and that's incredibly wrong. Very disappointed!"

Trish Coyle said she would buy the jersey in the US and send it to family in New Zealand.

"I imagine many others can do likewise. Shame on your price gouging."

Doug Bullock said he had been collecting rugby jerseys for seven years and New Zealand prices had always been a "rip off".

"This isn't just a new thing, in fact they have gone more expensive for the World Cup. I normally hate this New Zealand negative bitching, but in this circumstance it is absolutely true."

Karl Adam said: "Every time I see the phrase "premium product" its used to justify charging more for the same product."

Mark Johnstone echoed that sentiment: "I suppose Fonterra believes our overpriced milk is also a "premium product". Corporations think we're stupid."


Kiter Pilot tweeted: "RIP OFF! I'm a retailer too, this is not the way."

Many others said the prices would simply see them purchasing this year's All Blacks jersey online.

Steve McAteer called that shift away from New Zealand stores to become official and organised.

"It's like they're robbing New Zealanders. I'd suggest a boycott."

All Blacks jersey prices:
USA online stores
RWC version - US$89.99 - NZD$103.80 (
Test version - US$79.99 - NZD$92.60 (

UK online stores
RWC version - 64.99pounds - NZD$122.20 (
test version - 54.99pounds - NZD$107.70 (

NZ stores
RWC version - $220 (Ryos in Wellington and Champions of the World)
Test version - $190 (Ryos in Wellington and Champions of the World)

*Overseas prices do not include postage and packing