Stores across the country are set to flout Easter trading laws by opening their doors to the public this weekend.

Real Groovy in Wellington, which is set to close, will open in the afternoon on Good Friday and Easter Sunday in defiance of the law, which allows only certain types of shops to open on those days.

"We will probably get fined yet again for doing so, but we need every cent right now with this business closing down," the business posted on its Facebook page.

Garden centres are allowed to open on Easter Sunday, but required to close on Good Friday.

All of Oderings' 10 stores nationwide would be open tomorrow, as the business had done since 1970, director Darryn Odering told NZPA.

The long weekend fell on a great time of year for planting when people often like to tidy up their gardens, he said.

He did not make any staff work the day and said no one suffered by the stores opening.

"It's a bit like a victimless crime... If there wasn't the demand we wouldn't be open."

Garden Centres had been allowed to open any day they liked, until 1990 when they were left off the schedule which gave other shops, including video stores and service stations, the right to open, Mr Odering said.

"We fell quite aggrieved that the law was changed without any consultation and we got left out. So it's a matter of principle as well."

The business had been fined every year since 1994 - last year it totalled $13,500, he said.

"You can say yes we are open and we make plenty of money at the time, but the fact of the matter is we have everything on sale and we grow from that but it's still 13 and a half thousand dollars we lose basically."

California Home and Garden in the Wellington suburb Miramar also planned to open on Good Friday in defiance to the law.

Stores are taking an additional blow to trading this weekend with Easter Monday coinciding with Anzac Day, which restricts trading before 1pm.

Shops allowed to open on Good Friday and Easter Sunday include eateries, pharmacies, dairies and service stations.