The fact only ten out of 250 enrolled students are not returning to their studies after the February quake has director of Academy New Zealand Andrew Murray quite satisfied.

"I think that's an endorsement from out students of what they think of us," he said.

"It also an indication of their loyalty. Many of them come from disadvantaged backgrounds so often we are the only stability in a pretty messy world for them."

Academy New Zealand runs training programmes for about 20 different industries from certificates in Pharmacy and Floristry to hospitality and retail sales. Situated near central Christchurch the Academy has been in the cordon for nearly three weeks.

Its campus of six buildings also two buildings that have been red stickered, including a grand 100 year old homestead, and two that have yellow placards.

Murray said this means teaching space is at a premium.

"It's going to take some novel thinking on how to catch up missed courses and find the space, so initially we will do what some of the schools are doing and have morning and afternoon classes.

"We're also approaching this like a Christmas holiday period. We had a period of studies, a two week break and then back to teaching."

Murray said the teachers are eager to get everyone back as soon as possible.

"Hopefully we will be able to start from Monday. The longer students are absent, the greater the disengagement."

He said Academy NZ is a signatory to an Independent Student Trust so all fees are protected.

"Students don't have to worry about losing any money because it is safe. Everything will be back to normal soon and the only difference is that the term will be extended out a couple of weeks."

Murray said the support the Academy has received from NZQA and the Tertiary Commission has been "fantastic".