A judge has rejected the Crafar family's legal bid to immediately strike out efforts to have it evicted from its Reporoa farm.

Four Crafar family dairy farm companies were put into receivership in October last year, owing over $200 million, and the receivers KordaMentha are selling 16 remaining properties.

KordaMentha have applied to have Allan John Crafar, Jean Crafar, Frank Robert Crafar, Heather Monro, Robert Scott Crafar and Layla Rebecca Robinson removed from farmhouses around the home property.

At a civil hearing in the High Court at Rotorua today, Allan Crafar, acting for Plateau Farms, himself and various family members, failed in a bid to have the matter struck out.

Associate Judge John Faire ruled Crafar had given less than 24 hours' notice for the course of action, which gave the plaintiff (KordaMentha) insufficient time to respond.

He said Crafar would be the first to complain if documents had been served on him at such short notice.

"What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. This is a matter where the court must be even-handed on both sides," he said.

The application has been adjourned until October 26.

He also queried whether Mr Crafar had the authority to act for others named in the proceedings.

"Normally if they are not representing themselves they must be represented by a person on the roll of barristers and solicitors," Judge Faire said.

He ordered that this be sorted out before the matter is again before the court.

He set dates for the plaintiff and defendants to file and serve relevant affidavits before the October 26 hearing when it is anticipated a fixture date will be set.

Outside the court Mr Crafar said he was confident he had the necessary authority to act for each of these family members.

He was disappointed the matter had been adjourned for a third time.

"As far as we are concerned it is at an end . . . that it is our right to be there for ever and a day or until the properties are sold," he said.

The Crafars were still hoping to buy the properties, he said.

"There is progress but it's not fast enough."