Key Points:

The stock exchange is continuing inquiries into Dominion Finance Holdings (DFH) after referring some matters concerning the company to the Securities Commission.

Yesterday DFH, whose finance company is in receivership, said it would co-operate with any Securities Commission investigation about its market disclosure.

In June, stock exchange operator NZX began an investigation into whether DFH kept the market informed about its situation before two of its subsidiaries, Dominion Finance Group and North South Finance, hit trouble.

Today NZX head of market supervision Simon McArley said that to the extent that its inquiries related to compliance with continuous disclosure, NZX had referred a number of matters to the Securities Commission in July.

NZX did not propose to pursue parallel disciplinary proceedings with NZX Discipline in relation to those matters, though inquiries were continuing in relation to other matters.

Generally NZX did not believe that it was appropriate to comment publicly in relation to particular issuers, McArley said.

But in this case it was advising the market of its actions, as it believed that doing so was important for market confidence.