Air New Zealand is partnering with Magic Leap, a technology powerhouse pioneering augmented reality entertainment.

The airline says it is developing exciting new experiences with the United States company that will initially highlight the dramatic, diverse landscapes and activities that make the country a unique tourism destination.

Shareholders include Google and Alibaba, and Weta's Richard Taylor is on the company's board.

Magic Leap's lenses superimpose 3D objects on top of real world objects. The collaboration with Air New Zealand is a first for the Florida company.


Jodi Williams, the airline's general manager of global brand and content, said the partnership's aim was to encourage new visitors to experience the country's wonders.

"Air New Zealand is excited to bring innovative, emerging technology to our customers and create a more enjoyable travel experience,'' she said.

With London-based creative studio Framestore, Air New Zealand is creating a "Fantastical Journey throughout New Zealand" that allows travellers to experience the country in a completely new way.

It is envisaged that there will initially be a limited number of users of headsets and other hardware. It would be used to encourage people to come to New Zealand on the airline, or could be used on the aircraft. The system is not seen as a replacement for inflight entertainment.

The technology will debut this year and is part of a longer-term programme aimed at "redefining travel experiences.''