Paris Hilton

is ready to take on the charts again - and she's enlisted the help of some heavyweights to help her achieve her musical ambitions.

The 30-year-old hotel heiress and former reality TV queen released her self-titled debut album



in 2006 to lackluster sales and reviews. First single

Stars are Blind

reached No. 18 on the US Billboard Hot 100 charts.

Once bitten, twice shy? Not on your nelly. Hilton's vying for a comeback.

Hilton spills to

that she's teaming up with party-rockers and hitmakers LMFAO on an upcoming single.

"It's completely different from my last album," Hilton shared during an interview at the Weinstein Golden Globes after-party.

"I'm going with a whole new genre. I have [DJ/producer]


executive-producing the entire album. So we've just been coming up with the most incredible tracks."

She teased: "I was just in the studio with


the other night, so we're going to be doing my new single with LMFAO."

Hilton says that the new album will drop later this year, following the single.

"I'm so excited. The music's turning out so great and I can't wait to release it this summer. Two nights ago [I recorded the song with LMFAO]," she said.

"I've known them since I was a little girl," she said of the duo. "We grew up together 'cause our parents are friends, so I'm just so proud of them and all their success and what they've done 'cause they've just created this whole 'Party Rock' brand and it's just so awesome."

And simmer down in the cheap seats; Hilton has the perfect antidote for your cynicism.

"I think a lot of people don't know that music is my passion since I was a little girl," she said.

"I'm very musically talented. This is more my thing [musically on this album], more of a club scene, more dance. The single's done; it's in the can. That's probably going to be out [within] the next month or two."

Hell, she's even taking singing lessons.

"At home doing voice lessons with my amazing voice coach Rachel Riggs. She rocks, Love her :)" she chirped on


Hilton also dished that she's set to bust out her singing chops on the big screen.

"I'm about to do a film with my friend [

Repo! The Genetic Opera


Darren Bousman

. He has a new musical that's coming up called

The Devil's Carnival

," she said.

"It's about Hell, it's a musical and it's different."

What's your take on Hilton's second stab at forging a music career? BIO or LOL?

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