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Although the crowd has been a little smaller than last year, thousands of fans have converged on Ericsson Stadium for this year's Big Day Out.

With little breeze, lots of sunshine and a cloudless day, heat exhaustion instead of crowd crushing is the biggest worry.

The new East Stand of the main stadium is filling up by those trying to escape the stinking hot sun.

The crowd is varied and colourful as you would expect for a Big Day Out.

Paris Hilton clones, black t-shirt wearing metal fans, bikini-ed teenagers and costume-clad punters brighten up the crowd.

Early bands on the main stage included metallers 8 Foot Sativa, punk band The Bleeders and girl band The Donnas.

The hip-hop stage was not full but traditionally fills up later in the afternoon.

In the Boiler Room dance tent, punters were oblivious to the sun as they danced in the dark with strobelights.