New Zealand's best athletes will compete for national titles at the 2018 New Zealand track and field championships in Hamilton.

The competition is one of New Zealand's oldest and most prestigious sporting events.

With the Commonwealth Games just around the corner, many of New Zealand's top athletes will have the opportunity to perform in front of a home crowd before heading off to the Gold Coast.

Men's shot put world champion will be in action today.


Follow all the action from day 2 of the 2018 NZ track and field championships with the live stream below:

Sunday's schedule and athletes to watch:

10:30am: Men pole vault (Southgate, Henry, Steyn)
11:30am: Men javelin (Langton-Burnell, Wood, Farquhar, Robinson)
11.30am: Women 400m hurdles (Bing, Keenan, Percy)
11:35am: Men High Jump (Kerr, Crayford, Attwell)
11.40am: Men 400 hurdles (French, Wu, Miller)
12:00pm: Men Shot Put (Walsh, Ballantyne, Palmer Sulupo)
12:15pm: Women Triple Jump (Thomson, Ismagilova, Bennett)
1:00pm: Women pole vault (McTaggart, Philpot, Ayris)
1:45pm: Women 200m (Eaton, Hobbs, Goldie)
1:50pm: Men 200m (Millar, Goldie, Smart, Topping)
2:00pm: Men Triple Jump (Thomson, Okpala, Walsh)
2:45pm: Women 1500m (Petty, Keown, Flanagan)
2.55pm: Men 1500m (Carson, Wheeler, Preston, Rogers)
Various: Para Events (Robinson, Pitcher, Stedman, McSweeney, Phillips, Dore)