Capital Classic Meeting, Cooks Gardens - 20 January 2018

Joseph Millar won the 100m raced into a steady head wind in 11.25. The later 200m was reversed to take advantage of the following wind and Millar clocked 20.68 (+3.0). William Smart was second in 21.55.

The meeting was relocated from Wellington to Wanganui due to delays in laying a new track surface in the capital.

Angela Petty was out on her own in the 1500m in 4:20.75 from Esther Keown 4:30.59 and Tina Faulkner 4:32.19. Anna Percy 400m H 60.21. Josephine Reeves HJ 1.73m, Imogen Skelton 1.69m. Lydia Bamford TJ 10.87m (+1.1). Siositina Hakeai DT 55.04m. Samuel Gouverneur 400m 49.86 PB, Joel Agnew 50.39 PB. James Preston 800m 1:51.05, Sam Petty 1:51.57, Hector Farmer 1:52.80 PB. Alexander Parkinson 2kg DT 52.19m, Connor Bell 1.75kg DT 54.93m. Emma Ryan 4kg HT 39.43m, 4kg SP 11.62m.

Daniel Balchin led in a top field in the 3000m in 8:22.79, PBs were recorded by Matthew Taylor 8:25.94, Joseph Clark 8:30.96, Connor Melton 8:31.34. Zoe Hobbs 100m 12.10 (-3.5). Lucy Sheat hand timed 200m with the wind of 23.60. Krystie Solomon 800m 2:16.03, Briana Lee 2:16.12 PB. Jamie Shaw 3000m RW 13:58.70, Laura Kehely 19:33.00.


Athletics Auckland Meeting, Massey Park Papakura - 20 January 2018

Brent Newdick aiming for the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, competed in five of the decathlon disciplines, winning the 400m in 51.2, shot put 13.53m, long jump 7.10m (+0.9), high jump 1.90m and third in the 100m in 11.0. Tommy Te Puni won the 60m and later the 100m in a hand timed 10.7. Daniel Parkes won the 300m hurdles in 40.3 and Adriana White the womens hurdles in 47.7. Celine Pearn ran a solo 400m hurdles in 64.7. Portia Bing was a clear winner of the 100m in 11.7 and the 400m in 53.3. These hand times equate well with her personal bests of 11.94 and 53.38. Jamie Sowter was second in the 100m in 12.2 and Brooke Cull was runner up in the 400m in 56.6. Lydia ODonnell led from start to finish in the 1500m in 4:24.7. Natalie Booth was out to 5.17m (+1.8) in the long jump. Jenna Johnston cleared a PB 1.63m in the high jump. Shekhinahglory Laulala 3kg SP 12.66m PB, Natalia Rankin-Chi Tar 11.78m PB.

Percy Maka set an Auckland B12 3kg SP record of 14.73m and a 1kg discus record of 45.99m.

North Harbour Bays Meeting, AUT Millennium Stadium, 16 January: Anthony Nobilo 7.26kg HT 53.29m. Isaac Vaeau-Mulitalo 5kg HT 47.66m. Ella Pilkington 4kg HT 47.75m. Savannah Scheen 3kg HT 45.51m.


Athletics Waikato Bay of Plenty Meeting, Porritt Stadium - 20 January 2018

Abby Goldie 100m 12.00 (-2.0) and PB 200m of 24.12 (+0.8). Brooke Somerfield 12.47 and 25.38. Katie-Lee Roper HJ 1.63m. Michael Goldie 100m 11.22 (-1.4), 200m 22.17 (0.0). Mattheus Pio 11.61 and 22.72. Charles Annals TJ 12.69m (-1.0). Harpreet Singh 7.26kg HT 47.44m PB. Jayden Gozdz 700g JT 48.24m.


Jumps to Music, Hicks Park - 17 January 2018

Hamish Kerr HJ 2.10m, Max Attwell 1.92m, Billy Crayford 1.92m, Josh Inger 1.87m. Emma Sutherland HJ 1.73m, Josephine Reeves 1.68m, Imogen Skelton 1.68m. Ebuka Okpala TJ 15.52m (+2.7), Scott Thomson 14.59m (+5.3), Matt Walsh 14.36m (+3.8), Andrew Allan 13.59m (+2.6), also 13.18m (+1.5). Anna Thomson TJ 12.76m (+1.6) PB by 2cm. Ashleigh Bennett 11.95m (+3.2), also 11.68m (+1.7), Diana Ismagilova 11.76m (+2.9), Faith Araba 11.53m (+5.8), Ellie Hurley-Langton 11.45m (+2.2).


Sola Power Throwers Meeting, Moera Lower Hutt - 21 January 2018

Alexander Parkinson 7.26kg SP 15.39m, 2kg DT 52.38m, 7.26kg HT 48.24m. Nathaniel Sulupo 7.26kg SP 15.11m PB, 2kg DT 49.18m, 7.26kg HT 39.89m PB. Zion Trigger-Feitele 5kg SP 16.45m, 1.5kg DT 44.36m, Nikolas Kini 16.03m, 1.5kg DT 51.32m, 5kg HT 42.82m. Sean Howe 14.37m, DT 46.15m, 5kg HT 38.36m. Connor Bell 1.5kg DT 62.38m. Jack Beatson 1.75kg DT 34.50m, 6kg HT 41.84m. Warren Button 7.26kg HT 59.85m PB. Anthony Nobilo 6kg HT 62.59m.

Maddison-Lee Wesche SP 15.89m PB. Ashley Bologna (France) SP 14.11m. Amania Mafi 3kg SP 13.33m. Mellata Tatola DT 39.92m.


Athletics Canterbury Meeting, Rawhiti Domain - 20 January 2018

Tom Walsh in his first competition since 31 August last year sent the shot out to 20.99m (19.61m, 20.99m, 20.65m, F, 20.08m, F). Ryan Ballantyne 7.26kg SP 16.90m PB. Victoria Owers 4kg SP 16.39m and 16.49m. Nicole Bradley set a personal best and an Auckland record in the hammer with a throw of 64.57m, adding 13cm to her performance in Christchurch in mid-December. Lauren Bruce was out to 61.62m. Anthony Nobilo 6kg HT 51.72m. Jaidyn Busch 3kg SP 15.16m. Haidee Middlewood 3kg HT 46.38m. Pavinee Watson LJ 5.31m (+0.2). Kate Davies HJ 1.6m. Jesse Bryant 60m 7.47 (-1.5), 100m 11.53 (+0.7), LJ 7.30m (+0.9). 10,000m championship; Ayrton Shadbolt 37:31.28. Angela Whyte 39:35.45. Hamish Dewar HT 41.68m, 800g JT 44.90m. Para-Athlete William Stedman 200m 27.35 (+1.9).


Oceania Master Track and Field Championships, Caledonian Ground - 20/27 January 2018

A number of notable performances were achieved: 5000m Shireen Crumpton W45 19:29.14. Debbie Telfer W60 21:50.18. Aniel Smith M30 16:05.09. Stafford Thompson M35 16:07.44. Dwight Grieve M40 16:25.02. Michael Wray M50 16:52.98. Alastair Prangnell M55 17:49.32. Geoff Anderson M60 18:31.51. Tony McManus M65 18:28.80, 800m 2:33.13. Michael Bond M70 22:37.27.

Laini Inivale M50 1.5kg DT 38.25m, 6kg HT 38.19m. Peter Crawford M70 1kg DT 35.08m. Ron Johnson M85 1kg DT 22.90m, 3kg HT 25.07m. Peter Tearle M90 1kg DT 12.91m. Michelle Bitcheno W40 4kg HT 30.78m, 4kg SP 7.37m. Raylene Bates W50 3kg HT 38.99m, 3kg SP 11.26m.

800m Kylie Davidson W35 2:30.15. Andrea Harris W45 2:38.00. Maggie Chorley W50 2:28.09 (Oceania championship record). Myrtle Rough W75 3:52.41 (Oceania championship record). Brayden Grant M30 1:59.77. Ian Calder W60 2:20.18.

Lyn Osmers W55 3kg SP 9.33m. Mike Scholten M35 7.26kg HT 39.75m. Mark Cumming M55 6kg HT 49.52m. Christopher Thompson M65 5kg HT 36.24m.

10,000m race walk Lyndon Hohaia M50 56:43. Mike Parker M60 60:29. Terri Grimmett W60 68:59. Jacqueline Wilson W70 64:57 (Oceania championship record). Daphne Jones W75 1:17:10 (Oceania championship record).

Heptathlon Carolyn Wills W45 4019. Gail Kirkman W65 5598. Judy Hammond W80 4246. Decathlon Andy Richardson M50 5760. Bruce Solomon M55 5872. Warren Green M65 4691. David Anstiss M70 4948. Ron Johnson M85 5513.


LSU Paper Tiger, Baton Rouge, 5 January: Ben Collerton 60m H 8.56 (2H3), LJ 6.32m (13).

Arkansas Invitational, Fayetteville, 12 January: Bailey Stewart 60m 7.13 (19), 400m 48.45 (4). Hannah Miller 1000m 2:51.59 PB (3). Anneke Grogan mile 5:11.38 (5R2). Atipa Mabonga TJ 12.42m (2).

TED Nelson Invitational, College Station, 12 January: Mike Lowe 3000m 8:29.54 (1), Jack Beaumont 3000m 8:31.15 PB (2R2). Ben Collerton HJ 1.88m (14).

McNesse State College, Lake Charles, 12 January: Imogen Hull 3000m 10:28.32 PB (2).

Illinois Open, Champaign, 13 January: Tannock Blair 800m 1:56.32 (4).

UW Preview, Seattle, 13 January: Joshua Browne 800m 1:57.51 (7R1). Chris Brake HJ 2.05m PB (3), TJ 13.85m (6). Lilli Burdon 1000m 2:45.75 PB (5R1).

Ed Jacoby Invite, Nampa, 13 January: Jeff Lautenslager mile 4:13.48 (6).

Commodore Invitational, Nashville, 13 January: Luke Fielding mile 4:22.63 (11R2). Caitlin McQuilkin-Bell 800m 2:13.36 (5R1).

Potts Invitational, Boulder, 13 January: Daniel Hintz mile 4:23.14 (1R2). Harry Ewing 3000m 8:50.51 PB (9). Kerry White mile 5:04.94 PB (1).

Corky Classic, Lubbock, 13 January: Alison Andrews-Paul 1000m 2:49.06 (2R1).

Beantown Challenge, Cambridge, 13 January: Jessica Martin mile 5:22.60 (5R2).

UAB Vulcan Invitational, Birmingham, 13 January: Katherine Badham 3000m 10:17.76 (2R1).

MN-WI Dual, Minneapolis, 13 January: Phoebe Edwards LJ 5.77m (3).


Alana Boyd Shield, Brisbane, 13 January: Olivia Eaton 100m 11.92 (+2.0) (2H1), 200m 24.18 (-0.4) (2H1).

Allcomers, Canberra, 13 January: Cameron French 400m H 49.98 (1R1).


Bryan McCorkindale of the Christchurch New Brighton Olympic Club was recently recognised by the International Association of Ultra Runners for setting a worlds best performance for M65 of 122.752 km in 12 hours. Bryan achieved this during the Sri Chinmoy 24 hour race in Auckland on 7 October 2017.


British Olympian and former New Zealand high jump champion Peter Wells of Christchurch died on 5 January 2018 aged 88.

He competed for England at the 1950 Auckland British Empire Games finishing fifth in the high jump and for New Zealand at the 1954 Games in Vancouver Canada finishing fourth. Wells competed for Great Britain at the 1952 and 1956 Olympic Games. He was seven times New Zealand high jump champion 1951 and from 1953 to 1958. He broke the New Zealand record twice in 1954 and his mark of 2.01m lasted for 14 years before being broken by Bill Spiers. After the 1950 Empire Games in Auckland, Wells didn't travel back to England with the rest of the team, preferring to stay and settle in Christchurch, New Zealand. He lived in New Zealand for the rest of his life, apart from a short period in 1952 when he returned to England in order to qualify for the 1952 Summer Olympics.

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