Lovelock Classic Meeting, Aorangi Stadium - 6 January 2018

Sam Petty won the annual Lovelock Mile in 4:17.17 from Daniel Balchin 4:18.31 and Oli Chignell 4:19.52. Tina Faulkner won the womens mile in 4:53.41, quicker than Mary OConnors W35 time of 4:57.66 in 1992. Fiona Morrison 100m in 11.94 (NWI), 100m H 13.42 (+5.1). Anna Percy 100m 11.99, 200m 24.78 (NWI). Rochelle Coster 100m H 13.57. Katherine Camp 800m 2:12.25, Ariana Harper 2:17.21. Angela Whyte 3000m 10:34.37. Kate Davies HJ 1.60m. Tegan Duffy LJ 5.56m (+4.1). Christina Ryan LJ 5.40m (+0.7) PB, DT 38.89m PB. Emma Ryan SP 11.41m, HT 38.38m. Olivia Burnham 300m H 46.90. Scott Walker 100m 10.82 (NWI), 200m 22.77 (NWI). James Sandilands 100m 10.87, 110m H 14.55 (+4.8). Schuyler Orr 100m 10.99. Sam King 200m 22.62. Jacob Matson 400m 50.61. Tom Moulai 3000m 8:43.99, Christopher Dryden 8:52.45, Sean Eustace 8:57.77. Dean van der Busse HJ 1.90m. Jesse Bryant LJ 7.27m (+3.6), Felix McDonald LJ 7.17m (+4.1). Hamish Dewar DT 41.65m. Thomas Valentine HT 45.00m.


North Island Colgate Games, Mt Smart Stadium - 5-7 January 2018

Some of New Zealands future athletic talent was on display over the two full days of competition. A number of outstanding results were achieved across the five boys and girls grades.

In the B14 Joshua Adegoke won the sprint double in 11.47 (+2.8) in the 100m and 23.63 (+2.8) in the 200m. He also had a LJ of 6.15m. Jayden Williamson added 2cm to his personal best in the high jump clearing 1.92m and he also won the discus with a throw of 44.55m. Findlay Seeds took out the middle distance double running 2:04.75 in the 800m and 4:19.68 in the 1500m. Oscar Millington 400m 55.91. Lee Lober-Chan 100m H 15.09 (+2.4). Adam Stack LJ 6.42m (NWI), SP 12.35m and he also had a 1.85mPB HJ. Bradyn Popow 2000m RW 11:29.59.

Genna Maples highlighted the G14 sprints with 12.54 (+3.9) 100m and 25.66 (+2.4) 200m as well as winning the LJ 5.01m (NWI). Jenna Johnston HJ 1.61m PB. Kimberley May 800m/1500m double in 2:20.31 and 4:52.57. Krystie Solomon 400m 58.37. Adriana White 80m H 12.56 (+3.9). Olivia Gilberd 2000m TW 13:56.08. Sherhinahglory Laulala SP 11.87m and a DT of 36.62m. Violette Perry won the DT with 36.94m.

In the B13 Ari Koed Chang LJ 5.97m (NWI). Oliver Krynen 100m 11.76 (+4.4) and 200m 24.16 (+2.4). Joseph Ayoade 400m 57.10. Liam Wright 800m 2:14.98. Sam Berry 1500m 4:34.51. Amilame Finau 80m H 12.31 (+4.8). Ryan Jones 1600m RW 8:54.31. Oliver Morton-Farrelly SP 13.02m. Joshua Te Pai DT 41.91m.

Nadia Evans was in great form in the G13 winning four titles as well as anchoring NHB to victory in the 4 x 100m relay. Her performances were 100m 12.53 (+3.7), 200m 25.65 (+4.9), 400m 62.90 and LJ 5.14m (NWI). Emma Kehely 1600m RW 11:43.70. Natalia Rankin-Chitar DT 35.18m, SP 11.92m. Amelia de Lautour HJ 1.51m. Kaitlin Feather 80m H 13.19 (+3.3). Aleisha Pyke 1500m 5:11.78.

Ben Lambert won the B12 100m in 12.14 (+2.8). Liam McKellar was second in 12.51 but dominated the 200m in 25.16 (+5.1), the 400m in 60.43 and the LJ 5.39m (NWI). James Ford clocked 61.59 in the 400m and won the 800m in 2:20.27. Jonah Seeds 1500m 4:44.36. Daniel Gilberd 1200m RW 7:17.69. Amani Sila 80m H 13.48 (+2.8). Percy Maka was outstanding in the field winning the SP 13.92m and DT 45.95m. Andre Gundersen HJ 1.45m.

Katie Mahy won the G12 SP 10.92m and was second in the DT 32.99m while Shyah Beattie won the DT 34.28m and was second in the SP 9.72m. Zayyaan Smith won the sprint double in 13.06 (+2.8) and 26.68 (+4.1). Mackenzie Millen an impressive 800m in 2:22.88 as well as clocking 62.15 over 400m. Edie Kozyniak 1500m 5:09.94. Maddie Kelso-Heap 80m H 15.48 (+1.7). Amelia McKay LJ 4.76m (NWI).

Joe Dolphin, son of four times national 100m champion and five times 200m champion James Dolphin, won the B11 100m in 13.53 (+1.4) and 200m 28.11 (+1.2). Angus Clues of NSW had the fastest 200m of 27.62 (+3.9). Ryan Fleming 400m 61.45 and 800m 2:24.22. Josh Ford 1500m 4:59.27. Hugo Jones HJ 1.51m. Matt Schuler LJ 4.59m (NWI). Maihi Wilcox DT 31.00m.

Abigail Weeding G11 200m 27.26 (+2.3) and 400m 65.21. Rejoice Nhemachena 100m 13.24 (+5.4). Kylah Gunn 800m 2:37.08 and 1500m 5:14.31. Suzannah Kennelly SP 13.83m and DT 37.49m. Talia van Rooyen LJ 4.63m (NWI).

Stipe Ukich proved the best sprinter in the B10 with 13.51 over 100m (+4.1), LJ of 4.53m (NWI) and second in the 200m 28.44 (+1.7). Asher Rogo recorded 13.59 in the 100m, won the 200m in 28.11 and the 400m in 66.19. Kadin Nogaj 800m 2:36.57. Leyton Heta 1500m 5:08.58. Joel Brewer won the LJ 4.55m and Corban King the throwing double SP 9.33m and DT 28.39m.

Eryn Westlake in the G10 recorded 69.25 over 400m, 2:37.74 in the 800m and 5:21.13 in the 1500m. Jessica Fletcher of Brisbane strung together 67.98 400m, 2:37.39 800m and 5:25.18 1500m. Indy Gibson of Randwick 13.94 (+2.6) 100m, 29.02 (+4.6) 200m. Bella McEwan 14.26 100m (+4.9) and LJ 4.11m. Melelosaline Lose DT 28.01m.

The meeting was charged with its difficulties when a huge storm swept through Auckland on the Friday. The only event that was held following the opening ceremony was the G12 400m preliminaries, before the storm really took hold. The rest of Friday was cancelled and the Friday programme was incorporated into Saturday and Sunday.

The meeting manager Fiona Maisey was pleased how it all worked out in the end.

"We survived, I think well do a new T shirt, I survived Colgate Games," said Maisey.

"Day one was washed out which was very disappointing, but we did manage on Saturday through a mammoth effort to get through all events, every child has had their event and by Sunday it was absolutely beautiful.

"We compacted three days of competition into two, so the challenge for the South Island Colgates is to do it in one day," she joked.

An invitational 100m was held on Saturday Joseph Millar flashing through in 10.23 (+3.0), ahead of William Smart 10.82, Michael Goldie 10.93, Cody Wilson 11.02, Daniel Dyet 11.08 and Tommy Te Puni 11.19. In the womens 100m Abby Goldie headed in Zoe Hobbs in 11.63 (+2.6), to Hobbs 11.71. Symone Tafunai was third in 12.13, from Tamsin Harvey 12.71 and Larissa Tuhaka 13.17.


Prominent and enthusiastic Lower Hutt meet promoter during the 1970s Royce Wilkie of Tauranga died on 26 December 2017 aged 74.

Royce used to organise successful Night of the Stars meetings at the Hutt Recreation Ground and in Wellington featuring New Zealands leading middle distance runners at that time, including Rod Dixon, John Walker, Dick Quax and Kevin Ross. On the grass track at the Hutt Rec Ground on 26 January 1972 Dixon went under four minutes for the mile for the first time in 3:59.6 with Ross close behind.

Royce was the announcer at Newtown Park Stadium while at the same time following horse racing on a portable television that he took to the ground. He was also a journalist filing to the Sunday newspapers after each meeting at the Park.

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