Nick Willis will be giving the 5000m a crack next year and will try to race the event at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

His goal for the coming off-season is to run 1000 miles in 10 weeks - his previous best is 880 miles.

Willis will be channelling some Arthur Lydiard type training.

"I'm hoping October, November and December I can keep a consistant 100-105 mile week average going until Christmas, and that should lay a really good foundation to have a crack at a successful 5000/1500 double at the Commonwealth Games."


"It's something that I have been wanting to do after Rio, but with all my injury setbacks it wasn't even really an option for this year."

"The last two months have gone well and my body is completely healthy, and I'm excited to embark on some slightly uncharted territory."

Willis is also preparing to race what would be a world record sub-four minute mile with his dog Tempo on the track later this month.

He recently finished eighth in the 1500 metre final at the world athletics championships in London.

Post-race, Willis revealed he suffered a hernia in his adductor a month before the Rio Olympics, where he won bronze.