New Zealand 5000m runner Adrian Blincoe has withdrawn with the 2012 London Olympics due to an ankle injury.

The full extent of the injury is as yet unconfirmed but New Zealand Olympic Team Chief Medical Officer Lynne Coleman says it is a suspected fibula stress reaction.

Blincoe is currently returning to the US where he is based and will get further medical advice and treatment.

"Today I had to make the tough decision of having to officially withdraw from the New Zealand Olympic team due to injury. After discussions with my coaches and medical team it became apparent that I would not be able to compete at a high level at the Olympic Games," he said.


"I have been dealing with an ankle injury for the past four weeks and it has greatly impacted my training and pre-Games racing schedule. The injury has been regressing in spite of constant treatment. It is now clear that trying to race with the injury, in conjunction with the training that has been missed, would not allow me to perform at the level which I would expect from myself as a member of the New Zealand Olympic Team."

Dave Currie called the decision courageous and expressed his sympathy for the athlete.