Two-year-old tabby Angel is making local headlines for having a special talent for pinching the neighbours' things, from newspapers all the way to tea bags.

Tayla Alexander told the Ashburton Courier that her pet Angel is a proper kleptomaniac who has even brought home pairs of shoes.

About a month ago, Angel started bringing leaves inside the home. From then, it wasn't long before she upgraded to newspapers.

After that, she brought home shoes. She's not a fussy feline either, having brought home both men's and women's models.


Then came the socks, the hats and even the tea bags.

Angel reportedly carries out her life of crime at night.

She doesn't just bring back a tea bag or two: sometimes it's four or five at a time.

Her owner has put a post on social media hoping to find the owners of some of the items Angel has stolen.

One neighbour came forward saying they did miss their newspaper.

Angel is said to do a clean job, lining up the stolen goods by the front and back doors.