A man received a hilarious wake-up surprise from his nap after he saw his daughter's dog wearing the dentures he took off mid-snooze.

In a now viral tweet, a woman named Eunice from Long Island, New York, shared pictures from when her dog accidentally wore her dad's dentures when he left them out.

"A few months ago my dog, Maggie, stole my dads dentures while he was napping (his gums had been hurting him so he took them out mid-afternoon) and he found her like this," she wrote on Twitter with two hilarious pictures.

When Eunice's father first woke up, he couldn't find the dentures and thought maybe he left them in the bathroom, the Daily Mail reports.


But instead he found Maggie, who is a Shih Tzu-Chihuahua mix, hiding with a mischievous grin across her face.

"When they weren't there, he went searching downstairs and found Maggie under my living room table," Eunice told The Dodo.

Once the dad found Maggie, her hilarious grin plastered on her face from the dentures was just something he had to share.

"He sent me a picture and explained what had happened and I was in literal tears," Eunice said.

Maggie looked quite happy with herself on acquiring the dentures while her owner's dad was sleeping in another room.

The pictures of Maggie showing off her grin went viral after Eunice posted them on Twitter at the end of August.

People responded asking for regular pictures of Maggie to compare how the dog looked with and without the removable teeth.

Others online were concerned about what the dad did with his dentures after he retrieved them from the tiny dog.

"Funny...does it mean he has to get a new set now," one Twitter asked after seeing the pictures.

In a response, Eunice explained her dad has since bought new teeth to replace the ones worn by Maggie.

Other commentators had advice about how when the dad should take off his dentures in the future to prevent any damage to his mouth.

"Lfmso this is hilarious...but also tell your dad he should always take his denture out when he goes to sleep," one commenter wrote.

"Sleeping with them on can actually cause gum irritation if he's doing it often."

Eunice later clarified that her dad always takes out his dentures before going to bed at night. But when he took his afternoon snooze, he just forgot to at first and left them in an area Maggie could access.