A Labrador-cross with a metal chain embedded in her neck and a cat with the tips of her ears cut off are two of the worst cases of animal abuse this year, the SPCA have revealed.

The "list of shame" is released annually by the SPCA to highlight the worst of the 15,000 welfare complaints they attended in 2016.

"The list of shame will shock people. It's very clear that with such cruelty going on, the SPCA's work needs to continue - to protect those who cannot speak for themselves," SPCA chief executive Andrea Midgen says.

On the list of 10 is Pippi, a cat who spurred global headlines after being found with her ears cut off on Auckland's North Shore in June.


Other stories of abuse and neglect feature on the list are the beating of a Labrador puppy who suffered two fractures to his left hind leg and a female dog who was hit on the head with a hammer and left to die.

The SPCA has launched the list ahead of its annual appeal, which runs from November 10 to November 12.

Midgen said it costs the SPCA $9 million a year to run its inspectorate and they received no government funding. The SPCA Inspectorate runs prosecutions in cases of animal cruelty and harm and is the only charity in New Zealand that can enforce the Animal Welfare Act.