A confident baseball fan got a little too cocky and ended up with a face-full of dirt because of it.

The seventh-inning race at an Atlanta Braves game had the male fan race an unofficial mascot - but with a huge head start.

Just when the fan had though he'd won, he sees the mascot flash by, trips over his own two feet, and falls face first into the dirt.

The clip has since gone viral with thousands of share and memes mocking the contestant.


On Friday night, during the New York Mets game against the Atlanta Braves in Atlanta, Georgia, -one lucky fan was chosen for the Beat The Freeze contest.

A tradition at Sunset Park - the contest is a race around the warning track against Atlanta's unofficial mascot - The Freeze - who's dressed in a turquoise, superhero-looking body suit.

The fan is given a generous head start and if he can make it pass the finish line, before The Freeze, he wins.

Video shows the fan given a roughly 200-foot head start. As he runs around the track, he finally has the finish line in his sights and thinks he's going to win the race.

He tries to get the crowd excited about his victory and begins waving his arms to the stands.

But he didn't count on The Freeze being so fast and, before he knows it, the 'superhero' is blowing past him. In clear disbelief, the fan loses his footing and faceplants into the dirt.

The broadcaster during the video replay even called it the 'greatest thing he's ever seen' and said: 'just where he belongs, right in the dirt'.

The clip quickly went viral on social media with several memes created.

One showed the fan's faceplant with the caption 'Life comes at you fast'.