Hospital officials have denied reports that a farmer was hospitalised after being bitten by cows.

Westpac Auckland Rescue Helicopter this morning said a Waiheke Island man in his 60s was pinned against a farm fence and "mauled'' by two cows while trying to separate calves yesterday.

They said he was bitten "several times'' in the attack and was only saved when his terrified wife phoned emergency services.

The island ambulance raced to the farm near Orapiu Wharf to treat the man who was losing blood and consciousness, a rescue chopper spokeswoman said.


Ambulance staff transferred him to Onetangi Sports Park where the Westpac Auckland Rescue Helicopter flew him to Auckland City Hospital about 10.30am.

"He was pretty roughed up and bloodied up,'' said crewman Ati Wynyard "He wasn't in a very good way.''

The man was taken to hospital in a status two condition, which was described as "quite serious''.

Waiheke St John refused to comment on the incident when approached today.

But a hospital spokesman said: "We had a guy airlifted from Waiheke yesterday who had been kicked by cows but we haven't had anyone in with injuries consistent with cow bites.''

The man stayed in hospital overnight and was discharged this morning.