A 21-year-old who listed his job on social media as "full-time f***ing legend" sobbed as police arrested him after a high-speed chase.

Luke Phillips, 21, from Clanthorpe, England, led police on a high-speed chase in the wrong direction through Hull.

During the chase, he ran a red light and narrowly avoided hitting a pedestrian.

When police caught up with him, he knew what was going to happen next and reportedly asked them: "Can I just have a moment to cry my eyes out?"


The chase began when police spotted Phillips cutting in front of another car on August 16.

Prosecutor Phillip Evans told the Hull Crown Court "the car in which the defendant's vehicle pulled in front of had to brake".

"The officers wanted to stop the Renault Megane in order to give him some advice about his driving, however, the vehicle sped off and engaged in a desperate attempt to avoid the attention of the police car."

He ended up abandoning the vehicle after running the red light and nearly hitting a pedestrian.

"There the defendant left his vehicle somewhere in the region of Lingcourt on a grass area and sought refuge from at least two members of the public by asking if they would shelter him from the police," the prosecutor said.

"Neither were cooperative. Fortunately there was an officer in plain clothes in the area who was able to join in the search and tracked the defendant first on the roof of a garage.

"When the police eventually caught up with him shortly thereafter he said on arrest 'can I have a moment to cry my eyes out'."

He then told police he has a 1-year-old and knew he was going to prison.


Phillips already had five convictions, including handling of stolen goods and criminal damage.

Judge David Tremberg sentenced him to 21 months behind bars.

The judge reminded him that he had received a suspended jail term in April for possession of cocaine with the intent to supply.

"You [Phillips] were one of the very few people who appeared before this court facing sentence for a serious charge that was not locked up straight away.

"The court entrusted you with a golden opportunity to sort yourself out. That trust sadly was misplaced," the judge added.