The United States Secret Service has requested funding for jet skis to protect the Trump family at their holiday properties.

The agency requested two Kawasaki jet skis, which usually retail from between $15,000-$23,000, to meet security requirements at Mar-a-lago and the Hamptons, where the Trumps enjoy regular breaks.

"President Trump and his family spend several weeks throughout the year in Mara Largo FL and Hamptons NY. The First Family is very active in water sports," the request reads.

"Several family members along with their guest participate in open water activities for which USSS Special Agent Rescue Swimmers are responsible.


"SAs [special agents] have rented watercraft with their own personal funds to allow them to be near our protectees in various water environments to fulfill the USSS Rescue Swimmer mission."

The request was uncovered by Washington-based reporter Scott MacFarlane, who shared his findings on Twitter.

The Secret Service has also requested a dual trailer to transport the jet skis, which they note have also been used to protect former President Obama in Hawaii.

Special agents currently receive one day of training in using rescue watercraft, from Kitty Hawk Ocean Rescue in North Carolina.

The agency said in its request that a longer course would be preferred, saying that a three or four-day course provided by agents trained as rescue swimmers would be "more appropriate to become a proficient operator/rescuer".