Police in Chicago suspect a young woman had her baby ripped from her womb when she was murdered.

Authorities believe a woman from a Facebook group lured the expectant mother before she killed her and cut her child out of her body.

The pregnant woman, who had been reported missing three weeks ago, has been identified as Marlen Ochoa-Uriostegui.

Sources told local media that charges will be laid against a 46-year-old woman who reportedly met the pregnant woman on a Facebook group.


The suspect reportedly lured Ochoa-Uriostegui to her home by offering her baby clothes for her unborn son.

In the hours after the pregnant woman was last seen, on April 23, neighbours reportedly saw the 46-year-old bloodied and holding a baby wrapped in a towel, screaming she had just given birth to a baby boy who wasn't breathing, according to the National Center For Missing and Endangered, Inc.

She then called 911 saying she had given birth to a boy inside the home and that she was suffering "post-delivery issues".

Firefighters were called to the home to address a baby in distress. They performed CPR on the infant and transported him to the hospital.

Shortly after calling 911, the 46-year-old suspect set up a GoFundMe online campaign to raise US$9000 for her baby's funeral, claiming the boy was sick and about to die.

The pregnant woman's body was found in a rubbish bin on early Wednesday in the backyard of the home.

The victim was strangled to death and authorities are now treating her death as a homicide.

DNA tests have confirmed the baby boy was the son of the dead woman and her husband.


The baby is currently in hospital in "grave condition", according to sources close to the family.