Three teenage women who were standing naked outside a rest stop in Florida took police on a high-speed chase that ended up with them tasered and arrested.

The naked trio told police they had just had showered and were out naked because they were "air drying".

They were reportedly applying suntan lotion when police approached them.

Oasis McLeod, 18, Jeniyah McLeod and Cecilia Young, both 19, got into their car to evade police, who were trying to get more information.


Police eventually gave up the chase but another patrol was deployed after a driver called police to report a "reckless vehicle", which turned out to be the women's car.

At one point during the chase, one of the women got out of the vehicle brandishing a metal baseball bat and tried to strike the police officer.

After witnessing that incident, another officer rammed the car with his marked patrol vehicle.

The women managed to get away again.

Authorities eventually managed to stop the car by deploying stingers on the roadway and ramming it again.

The pursuit ended when police rammed the car. Photo / LiveLeak
The pursuit ended when police rammed the car. Photo / LiveLeak

They were forced to break the windows with batons as the three women refused to leave the car and "actively resisted arrest".

According to the police report, the three women sat in the car with their arms interlocked.

Police say they were forced to Taser them before arresting them.


Several officers received minor injuries during the incident.