Here in Aotearoa we are accustomed to the odd quake shaking us awake or rattling the kitchen cabinets.

But our friends across the Tasman appear not to be as laidback when a minor quake strikes.

A 3.1 magnitude earthquake in Canberra in the ACT today had at least one local saying it felt like her house was "going to explode".

According to Geoscience Australia, the earthquake occurred at approximately 10.05am AEDT near the northern suburb of Forde.


The Australian Government agency has said it has already received almost 200 reports from residents who felt it in the region.

The earthquake had a depth of 10km, reports.

Residents have reported feeling a bang, shaking and a loud noise in some cases.

The quake comes after Canberra has experienced a recording-breaking heatwave and is slated for their fourth day in a row of days above 45C and 40C respectively — neither of which has happened since records began in the region.

The ACT Emergency Services Agency says it is has had no callouts in relation to the shake.

Resident Kerry Sleeman Boudoir posted on Facebook: "I felt it OK, I basically nearly jumped out of my seat, felt like the house in Forde (Mulligans Flat) was going to explode!"

Not all Aussies took the tremor so seriously, with some making light of the mini earthquake on social media, tweeting they were planinng to go home from work, while others tweeted a meme featuring chairs fallen over with the words "we will rebuild".

Others saw it as a chance to make some cheeky political jokes.