A vegan who was arrested after a drunken rampage and abusing McDonald's staff has been fined, had his licence suspended and placed on a 12-month good behaviour bond.

The Daily Telegraph reports New Zealand national Kole Olsen pleaded guilty to high-range drink driving before the Hornsby Local Court today.

The court heard Olsen, 30, terrorised staff at Thornleigh McDonald's on Sydney's north shore by circling the drive-through, yelling abuse out the window and honking his horn, before ordering 200 hash browns and paying $230 (NZ$254) for them.

The manager hand-delivered them to Olsen who had parked his car.


When the manager got to the car though, he found the front seat empty and saw Olsen walking towards the front of the store.

He chased after him and handed Olsen the order, the manager then quickly retreated inside the store, locking the doors behind him and waited for police to arrive.

Olsen yelled at the manager "you are f***ing gay" and screamed at staff "I am going to f**k you all up," The Daily Telegraph reported.

Olsen blew 0.175 at the Hornsby Police station after continuing his verbal attack on McDonald's workers and police, the court heard.

Magistrate Daniel Reiss said in court it was odd behaviour for someone to have about the incident.

"It is bizarre for someone who has drunk that amount of alcohol to behave like that in the morning. It sounds like drugs and mental health to me.

"Police reported you had bloodshot eyes and your pupils were dilated.

"It was fairly wild and out-of-control behaviour.


"You are lucky you didn't kill yourself or someone else in the process here," Reiss said.

The Kiwi had previously been convicted of a drink-driving charge as a teenager in New Zealand. He has been living in Australia for the past seven years.

The Daily Telegraph said Olsen would not comment on whether he would be eating at McDonald's again, or if he would apologise to the McDonald's staff he abused.