A male 'sex witch' who used hypnotism to rape and enslave teenage girls has been found living three doors away from a Melbourne primary school, a month after he was set free.

Robin Angus Fletcher, 60, who is legally blind, was jailed in 1998 for eight years after he prostituted, raped and enslaved two 15-year-old girls.

Fletcher had been the subject of a supervision order since the end of his jail term which saw him placed at a Victorian sex offender's facility known as "the village of the damned" but that order was revoked in February.

He has now been found living in Cheltenham, in Melbourne's south-east, just three doors away from Le Page Primary School, Seven News reports.


Fletcher's new home, on a quiet street populated by young families, is barely 100 metres from the school. There is also a kindergarten and a child care centre within 500 metres of Fletcher's front door.

Neighbours have said they fear Fletcher living so close to their children.

'It's certainly going to change the way I let them out the front door,' one anonymous resident told Seven News.

Lorrina Layuni agreed. "I don't feel safe at all," Ms Layuni said. "This is the way they walk to school. This is the way they go to play at the park."

Police had visited Fletcher at his new home several times to check on his living arrangements, according to Seven.

The Victorian State Government had asked the Supreme Court to extend Fletcher's supervision order last year.

However, the court revoked Fletcher's supervision order on February 8, when Justice Phillip Priest ruled despite Fletcher's 'repellent' offences, he did not pose an 'unacceptable risk' to the community, according to the law.

Fletcher has been living within 500 metres of a kindergarten and child care centre. Photo / 7 News
Fletcher has been living within 500 metres of a kindergarten and child care centre. Photo / 7 News

The Department of Justice challenged the decision in the Court of Appeal but lost last month.


Fletcher used mind-altering techniques on the two teenagers he raped in 1998, telling them it was necessary to fulfill their destiny as "high priestesses of the dark covenant," and forcing them into prostitution.

His offences included one count of sexual penetration of a child and three of committing an indecent act with a child.

Fletcher had been under supervision at the Corella Place sex offenders facility, known as "the village of the damned", in south west Victoria.