Aspiring singer Michael Simeon Smith tried out for American Idol to try and realise him dreams of stardom.

Instead, he alleges in a new lawsuit against the show and its producers, he suffered major ear damage when a bizarre onset accident pulled out part of his eardrum.

Variety reports that Smith, a contestant on the 14th season of the show, is suing Idol producers over an incident that happened as he was getting ready to perform for the judges on a December 12, 2014 taping of the program.

Smith was being fitted for an earpiece, which involved with silicone moulding material being inserted into his right ear by an "audiologist's representative".


"When the audiologist's representative pulled it out, a portion of his eardrum was removed. He was then moved to another room for several hours, as blood came out of his ear," the lawsuit alleges.

"Plaintiff has sought medical treatment for his injuries, including right tympanoplasty," his lawsuit continues. "Plaintiff has been unable to perform music at the same level as prior to the incident, due to the absence of much of his eardrum."

Smith, who uses the stage name Michael Simeon, made it to the top 24 contestants on the show, which was judged by Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick, Jr.