An RAF squadron leader accidentally sent a topless selfie to an entire Dutch military college when she tried to send the raunchy picture to her boyfriend.

Helen King, 42, was visiting the Koninklijke Militaire Academie in Breda when she stripped down to her knickers and strode a wool rug before taking a provocative selfie.

The high-flying officer then sent the image to her boyfriend. Unfortunately, Helen tagged the military college in the image, meaning anyone who accessed their Facebook page could see.

Thousands of soldiers at the college as well as fellow RAF officers could have accessed the image.


Helen, who is a former deputy chief of staff at the RAF Cranwell officer training school, removed the photograph as soon as she realised her blunder.

According to The Sun, Helen's friend Karl Tearney subtly pointed out her mistake.

He wrote: "Hmmm did you really mean to upload this one Helen, best take it down quick - nice rug by the way."

It is understood she received words of advice from a senior officer following the mistake, although she has since been promoted and is running a military training programme at RAF Oman.

An RAF spokesman said: "This matter was dealt with. All personnel are expected to maintain high standards."