New Zealand's Muslim community and Human Rights Commission have condemned the violent shooting tragedy in Orlando, Florida.

"We are outraged and shocked at this despicable crime and our thoughts are with the victims of this cowardly attack", said Hazim Arafeh, president of the Federation of Islamic Associations.

"We stand alongside all victims and we stand against this appalling violence which must never have any place in our civilised, democratic societies."

The massacre at the LGBTI Pulse nightclub left more than 50 people dead and many more injured, the largest number in the history of US gun violence to date.


"Our response to hatred is humanity -- we stand together with Kiwi Muslims in solidarity against homophobia, violence and intolerance," said Human Rights Commissioner Richard Tankersley.

Candelight vigils in Wellington and Auckland would be held from 6pm at Frank Kitts Park and Western Park, organised by the organisation InsideOUT.

Wellington City Council buildings and the Sky Tower would be lit in rainbow colours tonight.

Tomorrow there will be A Moment of Dance and a minute's silence at 5.30pm at 141 Gloucester Street in Christchurch, Mr Tankersley said.

"We encourage Kiwis to join us in solidarity against hatred."