This is the moment a driver deliberately blocked a sneaky motorist who tried to beat a traffic jam in the UK with an undertaking manoeuvre.

Traffic had started to build up on the M58 around England's Switch Island on Merseyside, with one motorist filming the gridlock on a dashcam.

But one driver in a silver Mercedes obviously wasn't prepared to wait in the queuing traffic on the outside lane, where vehicles were merging.

He attempted to sail up the inside lane in a sneaky bid to avoid having to wait.
But to his shock, a silver Renault then pulls into the inside lane to block the Mercedes from advancing any further.


Not content with having to wait, the Mercedes driver then tries to both overtake and undertake the Renault in an attempt to get past the vehicle.

But each time he tries, the Renault swerves in the lane blocking the Mercedes from passing.

The swerving goes back and forwards for over a minute before both drivers wind down their windows to confront each other.

The pair can be seen pointing and shouting at each other but despite their argument, neither driver lets up.

This then forces the Mercedes to wait 10 minutes in the queue like everybody else before moving back into the correct lane as they approach a roundabout.

The incident was captured on a dashcam by a passing motorist and posted to Youtube by a user called Lancashire Dashcam.

And despite only being uploaded yesterday, it has already been viewed thousands of times.

- Daily Mail