A woman who planned to spend three days in Nelson has been left stranded with no money and nowhere to sleep after her flight was cancelled due to bad weather.

Michaela Hall, from England, was due to catch the Wellington to Nelson flight with Jetstar at 12.05pm today.

However, the flight - as well as others for the same route with the airline - have been cancelled. Passengers were told this was due to bad weather conditions.

Hall, who has been in New Zealand since August, said she understood that cancellations happened.


However, she was shocked to find out she could not get any sort of money refund save for a travel voucher that could be used at a later date.

"They're refusing point blank to return my money - which, I don't have any money right now. I don't have any accommodation, I'm not even from New Zealand.

"I don't think that it's fair that an airline can withhold your money from you, when they've cancelled the flight.''

The 27-year-old spent about $300 for return flights as well as accommodation in Nelson, which she has since had to cancel as she will no longer be able to make it to the city.

She is based in Hastings, where she works picking blueberries at a local farm. She is due to be paid tomorrow.

"I'm in a city which I don't know, with nowhere to sleep tonight. I can't look anywhere - they've just given me a travel voucher [valid] until the end of the year, which I don't want.

"It's just ruined my experience ... I'm furious with them.''

Asked what she was planning to do until getting paid tomorrow, she said she had managed to hitch a ride into the city and was now looking at a couch-surfing app for a place to sleep for the night, before catching a bus back to Hastings in the morning.

A Jetstar spokesman apologised for the flight's cancellation and confirmed this was due to bad weather in Wellington.

It meant the flight from Nelson to Wellington was unable to land in the capital today and the return service (Wellington-Nelson) was cancelled.

"In weather cancellations, which are outside our control, we arrange to rebook passengers on the next available flight. If this isn't suitable a voucher refund may be offered.

"We do apologise for the cancellation which, as noted, was a result of weather conditions in Wellington."