Another round of stormy spring weather is moving in tomorrow and Thursday, bringing heavy rain and gales to parts of the country.

Windy weather is forecast to drive heavy rain into the western ranges of the South Island on Wednesday and the North Island Thursday, WeatherWatch said.

"Unlike the weekend's extreme weather, caused by a storm crossing the country, this rough weather across Wednesday and Thursday is due to a high north of New Zealand and lows south of us - putting the nation right in the middle of the westerly squash zone (where the isobars push up together due to the air pressure gradient being so steep),'' WeatherWatch said in a statement.

Thursday looks to be a windy day nationwide with Auckland receiving a period of rain and strong to gale force winds, then blustery conditions for Friday and Saturday with showers and sunny spells.


As for Labour Weekend, WeatherWatch forecasts a mix of sun, wind, rain and showers as the unsettled spring weather pattern continues.